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Saturday, March 15, 2008

No need to post URL's to the endless videos as You-tube will probably take them all down as fast as they go up. Obama managed to avoid getting tagged with his wife's views. He must be thanking Eliot Spitzer for giving him the ONLY thing helping him bury this one.

The issue isn't Wright's views which as Wright himself said on Fox are reasonably within what passes for progressive thought in the US. Pearl Harbor was a conspiracy. AIDS was created to kill black people. All white people think about in the world is how to fuck over black people. Anyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi Klansman. We deserved 911. The usual. The usual mix of liberation theology, black separatism/anti-white racism and consipracy kool-aid.

However it was Wright's Church that validated Obama as a real black man instead of an oreo. My words are not sugar coated but this has been widely reported. Obama was active in the congregation. He gave tens of thousands of dollars. He was married by this man. He kept calling him his spiritual adviser and using Wright to validate him against accusations that he was a crypto-Muslim. Yet Obama now knows nothing of the views of the man whose sermon was the title for his book "The Audacity of Hope". I could sooner believe that Eliot the Penetrator thought he was giving testimony to Congress when he was banging little Ms. Kristen.

So the leading candidate for President of the US runs on his biography but essentially declares the views of his wife and his pastor off limits. Bringing up his middle name is xenophobic and out of bounds also. Yet he runs as Barak Hussein not as Barry. Obama has been allowed to be a transracial educated moderate and an authentic great black hope all at once. See Shelby Stelle's book ( http://www.amazon.com/Bound-Man-Excited-About-Obama/dp/1416559175) discussed further at

It has taken six weeks to go from the Audacity of Hope and a transracial future free of the stale old politics to the new messiah's partisans calling anyone who won't drink the kool aid a racist. It may well work with the MSM and with progressives but I expect to see learned articles on the Bradley effect come December. Three clowns competing to lose and we are stuck with one for the next four years in the worst financial mess since 1929. [glyph of cow retching].


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