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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Welcome to the MSM drivel mines. Kaplan is erudite but here is shilling of the USN's latest finance boondoggle. The problem fighting pirates is not ship classes or weapons. It is lawfare, PC, mediawar, post-imperialism and the usual transnational progressive tripe.

By defning this in a context of criminal law and human rights the entire initiative is given to the pirates. By reagrding dead hostages as unacceptable we make it worse.

We had no fly zones over Iraq. We could create a no sail zone and simply shoot Somalis at sea on sight. We could bomb the ports they come from. We could do a lot of things. We don't because we are so concerned with being Good People [tm] that we tie ourselves in knots. Adding 100 LCS's won;t change that. Being willing to look at pictures of dead children in the pirate ports we bomb and not get weepy is what is needed.

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